Inflatable Grip Socks

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1.  MOQ: 3,000 pairs(1,000 pairs /every size at least)
2. Material: Polyester / Cotton
3. Size: 6 sizes can cover 2 years old kids to adults
4. Color: Custom
5. Packing: 500 pairs / Compr

      MiFo custom inflatable playground grip socks have been developed specially for different children parks with slides.
 We bring a level of innovation to this key industry components as there are required performance levels commanded from a specialist grip socks. Trampoline sockspromote safety and cleanliness within the trampoline park. The high quality traction used on the bottom of our socks provides enough friction to reduce sliding on the trampoline mats. This reduction can decrease the likelihood of accidents. The socks also help control the spreading of germs and bacteria which can be exchanged between bare sweaty feet.
Customized trampoline park socks are a great marketing tool that can be used to promote your park business. Our design team will work with you to establish an exclusive design that is attractive for young jumpers.

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Our Factory


   Our factory is located in Zhejing, China, near the port of Shanghai that brings convenient transportation. We have a complete process of production capacity from raw materials to production. Our factory covers an area of more than 42,000 square meters. We have employed 660 sets of advanced computer jacquard weaving/sewing/setting machines and professional production management, which enable us 80 million production every year with fine rate reaches 99.9%.

Different EXPO Shows


       Every year, we attend exhibition in different countries(America, England, France, Dubai and etc.) to show our latest designedtrampoline socks. Through these exhibitions, let more friends know about our company and we can also provide more better service for them.