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Trampoline Parks New Game Project

ビュー : 1981
著者 : MiFo
更新時間 : 2020-03-30 17:22:55

Trampoline parks are more and more popular around the world. In the trampoline park, people can exercise through different games and release their stress. Of course, there are some parent-child games, but also can effectively increase the tacit understanding between parents and children.

We collected some new game items. And you can choose some of them as the new project for your park if you are interested. There is the first one.

Rainbow Trees

Rainbow tree is designed like a tree, made of colorful strong nylon rope. It consosts of the flat crown and hollow trink. The flat crown can accommodate children to play with a ladder of playform so the children can climb up to the plat crown. And it usually can hung the swing facilities such as yoga balls, swings, tyres etc. Creating the dynamic pleasure for children.

Sure, in any kind of game in the trampoline park, we should wear loose clothes, non slip socks with grips, and protect our health so that we can have more fun. 

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